Last night I dreamt I had a small amount of alcohol. During the day my friend influenced me to allow myself some decaf coffee. This was the first of any kind of coffee in about 5 years. Later I allowed myself a can of tea that had 11mg caffeine. This is less than a small Starbucks hot chocolate but more than chocolate.

I just got back from the bus stop. At night chewing gum, after a poetry meeting inside the library meeting room. I had a great time 😀

I buy my own boxes of cereal here for when I am hungry at night. They give us Doritos and tasty premium cookies. There is a female staff here that likes me, I can get whatever on her shifts. I may want to get my own milk for certain times though…

Someone mysteriously left a poetry book nearby. I will be reading it. It is totally unconventional. The staff here, for better or worse, are gaunter and less specific. That is good for me.

I finished a book today and my best friend Stacy recommended another book which is included with my Scribd. I have been going headlong through audiobooks.

I am still too sickly to skateboard, but I am otherwise getting stronger. I will need more fitness.

The poetry group was great. I have been loving Panera Cafe and loving my free tea, and my free decaf coffee now.

I may actually need surgery for my ache… I do not think so though. I have an ultrasound in mid May.

I am hoping for FAFSA.

I just got a couple pairs of jeans in the mail and I will see which ones fit. Every day I wear joggers. Maybe soon I will wear jeans.

Tomorrow I get to see if a friend from earlier is still a friend. Or if it is another one biting the dust. My mom left a voicemail for me today but I will not be talking to her.

I am not of any religion, but I may choose to get some matzah and grape juice as celebration.

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