An emergency happened earlier and I lost my best friend.

Today I discovered holes in another pair of pants. Shoes are still my pririoty.

I saw a guy at the bus stop with a bow and arrows. I talked to him and he is apparently an Apache Indian!

I went through roughly 350mg caffeine today and almost did not feel it at all. I felt kindof hungry and full at the same time, but otherwise I noticed nothing. I am free and clear to have whatever coffee I want. My Clozaril kills it, I think. I will come back with an edit if I notice effects tomorrow morning. (EDIT: I still feel good) I am essentially immune to caffeine.

I took my tablet to the gym today. My first time watching a movie on a tablet while at gym. I finished up The Neverending Story. It was good. This will be happening frequently.

Progress with more chinups. I am selling an older computer to a friend. Hopefully FAFSA soon.

Today was surprisingly good. I am getting through Wonderbook. Halfway so far.

PS I went to a play yesterday night with Amanda. Hansel and Gretel by Ventura College, it was a lot of fun.

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