So I did it. Today I read a math book on the stationary bicycle. The only problem is the sweat falls on the paper, so I could not do this with a rented textbook. It was great fun though. Today I did my first sets of full chinups. I had been doing them partial, because of how I had adapted from the stretchy bands. I am going to focus more on losing weight.


I do not have enough space in my room. It is like a closet with two beds in it. I lost a hoody and so I totally completely gave up on matching. Today while I was doing laundry I went to the gym in pajamas. When I got back Miles had folded my clothing 😀

My friend was in the hospital, my best friend was in urgent care. I visited friend 1 and took like 3 and a half hours out of my day getting the Nintendo Switch to him. I also brought him blueberries and Swedish Fish and a charger and games and cables. He was pretty bored and the nurse let me in to drop stuff off even though I got there a bit late.

I love Ventura. I think of the domains I had been registering since when I was 12 years old. My first domain was It stood for Vent of Chaos, a game I was going to make. But it kindof sounds like Ventura!

I started talking to my mom again because I kindof got instruction in that direction from a dream I remembered. Probably because Mother’s Day is coming up. But she has long haul covid still and is too sick to visit. That makes about 2 visits in 4-5 years. I keep telling her to write an autobiography. I want to know. Even if the grammar etc. is not great. Who knows.


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