Today I just understood my recurring dream further… I was in a situation in my life where I could have abandoned my principles to get extreme yield. But I stuck to my bones and intuition, and it cost me like 9 years of my life and countless traumas. I was free to fly off, but I did not agree.

I reread Amemo today. When I am at the gym I often walk downstairs to relieve myself and refill my bottle, then back upstairs to my dripping cardio. I usually consume between 3-5 lbs. liquid on a hard day. It does indeed seem weird to me that I am already one of the fitter persons at the gym.

When I needed gloves for the garden I volunteer at, my mom came through and got me a Lowe’s gift card. I hope so so much that I am able to work things and build things and conduct basic mechanical expirements. It struck me that Lowe’s will be my place. (& I will get a 3d printer.) I noticed some Gatorade drink mix boxes at Lowe’s. I bought these, they are different in that they contain sugar. Today was my first day with them and it was good. I wore glasses and the sweat made lines and dripped onto Amemo. Afterward there, I watched Netflix.

I bought pants earlier. I am used to wearing joggers, and I got 2 pairs. I need shoes soon. I do have some money right now. My over-the-ear earphones have been malfunctioning annoyingly for over a month. The Beats ones hurt, soon I will want to get the JBL Peak Endurance II model. I am waiting for it to go back on sale. I will be checking each day. At any given time in the day, I am likely wearing headphones. I have a pair that covers my ears. I find that all ANC fails, except maybe the Air Pods Max. My ears are good while my vision is awful. I got nail clippers from Ross today, and also a gift for my friend who has helped me out.

I have taken up some occasional jobs here, where I get paid real money. They are household jobs and don’t pay great, but it works out well.

I am continuously losing hoodies here. I don’t know where they’re going. But I have had things multiply before too, so I’m not too concerned. I found a couple of dollars on the sidewalk.

I may try the long bicycle at my gym soon. The regular one can be bothersome and I need to take breaks with it…

I think the decisions I made so long ago forged me in a strange strange way. And I think it is funny, because I know from experience that now I go with the flow. I do not feel free to talk about this.

Please everyone send good energy such that I can work on my machines. I know what I want to do and what I need. I should not have called them experiments. It is R & D, and I am ready 😀

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