Today was my first day at school 🙂 I am learning that I am who I am through and through–I memorize the object mechanically and I draw additional duplicate images after I draw the first one. I will be focusing on quality as much as I can. I was only one of only a couple people who had the art supplies. Our instructor only told us on Sunday… I was able to purchase everything I need, with about $3 to spare… There are free ramen soups at school, and there are hangout spots where I could read or study. I piloted a time to the gym after school, which will be necessary logistically. And yes, my 24″ by 18″ fits in a gym locker!!! I had a hard time with cardio, maybe because I was hungry.

I woke up at 630 and was out the door at 7 without a hitch. Class is at 8. David Y. is moving class to 815. I can go one bus later and wake up at 650. Yes, I still need 10 hours sleep. The ultrasound showed nothing but I am still in pain when I move in certain ways. I am hoping that will heal, and that my friend Matt gets housing nearby. Then I could skateboard with a friend every day.

FAFSA should come in next week. I am taking drawing and Photoshop. It is a lot, basically, but I savor the involvement. Had more fallout and bad dreams about my (lack of) family.

I will need to dive headfirst into math sometime in the next few months. I want to take Calculus during Fall, and I am not where I need to be.

The R&D is as alive as it can be… I will need more money. I can use FAFSA. I will have time. I am contesting my conservatorship early July. Of course my mom still thinks I can do nothing, etc., etc. She is luckily on her way out… She suffers too much anyway. There is a house there, but I can’t expect any inheritance. It will be something psycho, her hurting me from the grave. I would only get money if A, B, C, D, E, F, and so forth. You people have no idea how lucky and fortunate you are. If I had a family my life would be substantially better and more wholesome…

I am glad to have my best friend, always by my side. One day I will get good doctors.

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