I do not have time to be writing this blog.

I do not have time to be writing this blog. I am completely packed and loving it. Tuesday and Wednesday are full. There were no buses today. So I skateboarded to the gym. I still have that injury. It is painful when I propel myself too hard or stop too hard. So I just take it easy. Got a sunburn today. Sat in chair with someone else, there were kids here and veterans, we had an awesome Memorial Day. The person in charge here had previously worked with veterans, so this was an important day. A lot of people won stuff. I won a $15 Popeye’s gift card. That is kindof mean, because the nearest Popeye’s is 6 miles away, 90 minutes by bus. They could drive us. We had a lot to eat. I also got a cool shirt. I had an awesome day at the gym, finished watching a space documentary. I like waking up before 7 so much I may rearrange Fall semester. I hope I get my FAFSA this coming week. I want to get a new computer, my first Mac. Sick of Windows. Photoshop is not running so well, I need something new.

Friday was a day of terror. Calling suicide hotlines. I was not suicidal, but I needed someone to talk to. I wanted to talk to someone trained. Stacy was busy. They dropped my call. Once when on phone menu. Once the call was dropped when I was in the middle of talking to some lady. Wow…

I hate this stupid medication. I take Lithium and Clozaril. I hate it. I do not need it, in the end. I need it now, but I will not always need it.

I wonder what Sierra is doing… (Hates this theoretical reality.) Please come through. I need all the friends I can get 🙂 Please be helpful 🙂 I hope I get FAFSA soon 🙂

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