Borders 2

I stitch it into

the blankets

that do not cover me

If I could ever be warm again

I know I have picked

the right affinity

A progression of landscapes

Textbooks soaked in blood

flow before my eyes:

I reconcile

with our independent hells,

Navigating across clean sleep:

I work harder than anyone else

At this psych ward

including staff

you do not understand

my demand

for morality

I understand I need

a global philosophy

like a dog needs its microchip

Maybe though

I will sink

and never ever swim

After 10 years

scraps rotate everywhere

and they revive me

I snack on celestial material

At a dreamland border

as I watch purgatory unfold

Rhyming takes time

but no matter the pattern

they do not care at all

I need to adhere to robotics

Wanting publishing,

after ten years of captivity

The depravity of slush piles

will rip

at this blanket

I will always write right

and you cannot destroy me


I will thrive like the airplanes

which did not exist

until recently

I live in a paradox

but I cannot

be destroyed

feedback will alter mathematics

again and again

until you make sense

and that is when this egg will open

fear will die

and mental freedom will resume

ultimate fate is enforced

agency is a blanket statement

everyone is able to move