This Page is Old 🙁 – Not Updated

On my mind – I will be updating this page regularly

I AM SHADOWBANNED. This means that my IG posts reach much less people and I get way less interaction and likes. I hope for it to end in 2-3 weeks (January 24th-31st). I will continue posting as usual, and I will be moving to find better solutions. I do not think I violated any terms of use, but IG gets concerned sometimes… I had been finding people who like poetry using Combin. If you have any suggestions for me, send an email. The link is at the bottom of the page.

Writing the poetry is quick. Massive amounts of time go into keeping myself healthy and working on my craft. I will be reading some more poetry soon, and I attempt to watch at least an hour of shows/movies each day. If you have any feedback for me, let me know.

ADE poetry w/ twice daily posts and occasional rails.

– Basic

– Simple

– Intelligent

– Emotional

– Brief

– Scientific

– Accessible

– Rhyming

Consuming homework + eventually editing Shrocean

Learn and memorize every rhetoric mechanism

Finish reading rhyming dictionary

Poetry books recently read