What follows is a compilation of some of the better parts of SFeels. Science Feels is roughly somewhat less than a fifth of my work. Favorites from Darkloud and modern works are not included.


I cry out –

all the bleach and paint:


for you.

I would play games

to save your life



I’m not in a good place

I’m living alone

In a sea of skeletons

I’ve picked a bone

With a monster

My family sucks

It’s not a home

They train me

And life’s fee

Is an entire sea

It takes me by surprise

The sheer size

Of the shelter enterprise

Against the awful guise

Of so many lies

Makes you think you don’t exist

And all I have is a list

Every day is missed

Ambitions and plans

Are in my hands

The right way

Is all I say

Every day

I hold at bay

If I have to vacate

I cannot placate

All this truth

Standing aloof

A line of action

Should gain some traction

Emotion gives

Reaction takes

All these fakes

Make me quake

And in their wake

I seek to make

This philosophy

Will guide my mind


Will find its sign

And happiness will be mine

Medic on the Moon

Something tells me you want to be on the moon

Sing a medical tune

Watch out

Sing out

Seek succor

Find a looker

Be a book nerd

Avoid the war,

Stay clean

Happy and mean

Life’s ravine

Is not as strange as it seems

Play a free person

Play a thief

And go to jail

For assault

And you are in ruins

A ruin

One bloody nose

Some stitches

Lean high on the scales

You hear jail’s wails

Music on scales

Razor blades fists and blood

They loved to fight

I love to write

Salute health

Salute wealth

Tingle and feel

Enjoy the surreal

It is the moon

America is of free

Fairness and justice reign supreme

Why overpunish?


The rage will break

I’ll take my whole mind

to the rocks

fiending for the voices

my time is coming

I’ll take this stuff

into the wells

this engine breaks for no truth

I was taken

And then I wake…


There was dew on the grass

in the morning

there was a parade of clouds

that assaulted us

And with that rain

Forests grew

and people killed each other


Reckless signs

Make heartfelt whines

Structural position

Kills inhibition

The one incision

Of the internet’s glory

Plays the game

Of instinct’s fame

True life in the brain

Literature and Physics train

With extreme emotion,

Watch the rain


I know your jaw hurts

There is:

God above the fence or beach

It is dark out

I don’t know much

I am youth

My father and a friend

It is dark out

Planets are from heaven

God is in heaven

And it is dark out

Euphoria is here

I am high

I am getting my instructions

It is pitch black out

I have never felt so happy

I trust God

We are designed


I once knew ore.

And stole from him.

I can only take up and out

to avoid injury

putting it above oceans

making it cold out

I have no doubt

sitting here

I know scarce Science


Pursuit and glory

Hypnotic worry

Encumbered with fears

And latent tears

Change the gears

Of this atmosphere

I can’t hear

If she wants me near

Guilt and disaster

Take this faster

Keep it slow

And watch it glow

Nobody tells me

Anything I see

All I perceive

Is this apathy

Receiving back

That thievery

Laughing at that thirst

Absence is the worst


I do not run

To escape my tail

lower that life bridge

I would like to be fast

Treasure mitochondria

Doing my best

Discipline is easier

with every year

as it becomes clear

that more energy is near

Designing your fear

To talk to me here

And as long as I’m here

My mind will get freer

my spirit truer

And you will be my career

To Be Good

Watching creation flow forth

Though locked out of heaven

I know what you’re worth

Watching you spread forth

Seeing you are even

With all those lights

With every pore

I know you’re more

I take my time

We know you’ll rhyme

Take all you want

As a moral savant

Who earned it

Thus you are fit

To never be hit

Fly in jets

With all your pets

Wherever you want

Wherever they would taunt

You’ll come back and haunt

Until they understand

What’s in your hand

The endeavor

Making this so grand


Until you land

All we’ll measure

Is this sand

And forever hence

The ocean is yours

– Thriving in scores

Understanding their lore

But your heart is sore

and your mind at war

out of all these doors

you still find your core

And with this regenerate

And carve out your fate

render any hate

dead and useless

Be honest

To permute

every facet of youth

all rivers of your heart

fast and strong

Providing relief

and sanity

and truth

– that health comes in stealth

as you understand yourself

and the light comes by

having sworn to never lie

that chivalry will not die

and as you vie

for your turn

tell yourself why

you’ll always be high

– you’ll always learn

like rockets burn


I want your intercession /

Your future humiliates negative craft /

I carry these burdens high

And the sky will cry

If we ever watch you die.

Before all this

We had our wish

It took its toll

The fish in the sky

Became our only soul

An underwater mirage

Into the air

It is only fair,

That with free energy

We build a utopian colossus

And now I see war,

Striving through lonely gore –

When every breath is more:

I will take you…

Far away (from this carbon whore)

And the rain will pour

As we run once more

And the craft soars

Become prevalent / I watch you

Speaking our rigorous lore

Working with this shore

It is your honor:

Your future –

Inside each whale-shift

Is a bountiful hydrogen core

They will attack these ideas

While mauling domestic flesh

And we will say:

“We are more true…”

“We have come for you.”


It is not too high

to think with Gods

They create us

We whimper


Together I feel

with morality

I feel I shall give

because everyone under the sun

only gives

The Sun

Twisted roads

Once forsaken hymn

Nobody sees where I have been

And in their faces I see the sun

That shines down on good and evil

and is done