My Photoshop final is due Sunday. I will be acing the class. I visited my mom and got my bicycle. It needs its wheels trued and new pedals. My writing class is really getting to me… Will me floating into math soon. I am upset that my chemistry class teacher for fall is not liked

I do not have time to be writing this blog.

I do not have time to be writing this blog. I am completely packed and loving it. Tuesday and Wednesday are full. There were no buses today. So I skateboarded to the gym. I still have that injury. It is painful when I propel myself too hard or stop too hard. So I just take

The Joey lady

I am writing this post to celebrate. My conservator is now a female named Joey. This is good. B.L. was no good and I look forward to better interactions. I am unsure of whether I will be able to use FAFSA as I want. But this will work better than with B.L.


Today was my first day at school πŸ™‚ I am learning that I am who I am through and through–I memorize the object mechanically and I draw additional duplicate images after I draw the first one. I will be focusing on quality as much as I can. I was only one of only a couple


Today I just understood my recurring dream further… I was in a situation in my life where I could have abandoned my principles to get extreme yield. But I stuck to my bones and intuition, and it cost me like 9 years of my life and countless traumas. I was free to fly off, but


So I did it. Today I read a math book on the stationary bicycle. The only problem is the sweat falls on the paper, so I could not do this with a rented textbook. It was great fun though. Today I did my first sets of full chinups. I had been doing them partial, because

My best friend is back. This post will be brief (lol) because I took a Benadryl and have to sleep. Some brownies had some weird nut ingredients? IT HAS BEEN 2 MONTHS HERE. I just want to say that drinking caffeine makes me feel fishy. And I think it actually makes my focus worse??? I


An emergency happened earlier and I lost my best friend. Today I discovered holes in another pair of pants. Shoes are still my pririoty. I saw a guy at the bus stop with a bow and arrows. I talked to him and he is apparently an Apache Indian! I went through roughly 350mg caffeine today


Last night I dreamt I had a small amount of alcohol. During the day my friend influenced me to allow myself some decaf coffee. This was the first of any kind of coffee in about 5 years. Later I allowed myself a can of tea that had 11mg caffeine. This is less than a small


My friend here who just got here has already had 2 seizures. I was near the beach at night walking back, had to call 911. Reading audiobooks all day. Volunteering. Eating a lot of cereal. Going hard at gym, often. Too sore to skate. I skated when I was sore and it just got bad.


I have been here 1 month. My book is on consignment at Timbre Books. AM rejected the latest packet. I have updated the book. The library is fixed, so I will be skating with my friend every week. I have free tea at Panera (THANK YOU STACY!). My cons changed and I am working on

Set Up

I’ve finally attached my computer to my screen. The neighbor was giving away their shelves and we put them in this room. Skateboarding and going to the gym. Taking care of things. Hoping for the best. I think I have not yet comprehended how good this situation is for me. I got a new phone.

New Home <3

I now live in Ventura. I am free to come and go. I will be going to school soon. I am reading and writing. Math will start up again after I get some shelves. I go skateboarding with my friend. I may see my mom when she feels good, I’ve got a bicycle too. 5

Took Care

I took care of a lot of stuff today πŸ™‚ I fixed the April Lusting cover, and got ready for an exciting Zoom. I searched Facebook groups for Climate Fiction writing to no avail. I ran and listened to my audiobook. I talked to psychologists. I edited. It has been a good day. (Except I


I am moving on March 1st. I have boxes and tape. 13 more days. Excited πŸ˜€


I had my interview for my new location on Friday. It went perfectly and I am excited to soon move and go to school. I will have time. I will have freedom.


As I start Instapoetry again I will not be using images. This is partly to assess what does well by its words only. It is partly to focus my time on the crafting of the words themselves. This may change. There will be 1 each day, sometimes 2. This also is for focus.

Fitting In

I am fitting in to my med change and my writing is improving. I am planning to jump back in on the 14th. Maybe only one published poem/day. Editing is fun. I actually remember a lot of my math.


I had some trouble with Combin earlier, but just recently resolved it. So, I will have that to look forward to when I start writing Instapoetry again. I am enjoying my break time very much.


I do want to eventually be off medication. I do not need it. I took some late today and I am reminded of what it feels like. How good it feels. I want a brilliant well-educated psychologist. And a psychiatrist that truly values human life. I am going to be modifying how I work on

Med Change

The remaining amount of what I take at 4pm will now be taken at 8pm. This should allow for more WAKEFULNESS from 4-8. This may be a time period that I can actually use DOING SOMETHING other than watching movies. The mornings should not be too much rougher. Change into effect next week.


Well it’s back to work on our groups! The psychologist is here πŸ™‚

Ban End

It seems like I am no longer shadowbanned. THANK GOODNESS! I am assessing the best way to use Combin, if at all. As things stand now, I am fairly proud of all the work for the next week. I hope everyone likes my new site updates πŸ˜€