Recently Read Poetry

Stuart Dibek

Leonard Nimoy

Milk Honey

Sun and Flowers



(8) Amanda Lovelace – the princess saves herself in this one

flower crowns & fearsome things

the witch doesn’t burn in this one

break your glass slippers

shine your icy crown

to make monsters out of girls

the mermaid’s voice returns in this one

to drink coffee with a ghost

6 poets


Pillow Thoughts

Empty Bottles Full of Stories

Transformations – Anne Sexton

13 Mexicans

Don’t Tell Me Not to Ask Why

eBook 1 by r.h. Sin (I hope this reaches her in time?)

Apologies that never came

eBook mental health poems


blue book

yellow book

in the absence of sun

for the broken

Black Book of Poems

There is Beauty in the Bleeding

Black Book of Poems II


Dear Midnight

Ice Cream and Suicide

Whiskey Words and a Shovel I


Whiskey Words and a Shovel II

Shot Glass Confessional

Changing with the Tides

the bitter end

The Dogs I Have Kissed

Chameleon Aura

Pillow Thoughts II

Time Heals All Things

I Am More Than a Daydream


Alien Poetry

The Truth About Magic


For the Broken and the Brave

Bright Minds Empty Souls

I Would Leave Me If I Could


Clarity & Connection


Small Cures

You are safe here

The Moon Will Shine For Us Too

the CHAOS inside me

the words I wish I said

The Literary Review, POETRY Spring 1971

home body

Flowers on the Moon

She – Saul Williams

Love Her Wild

A Sand Book

Scattered Poems – Jack Kerouac

soft magic

Sparks of Phoenix

Sound Minds – T.J. Singh

Neon Soul

Dear Girl

Call Us What We Carry

Tender Skin and Heavy Limbs

Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair


Some things I still can’t tell you

Soul Bird

Starry Nights, Blurry Dreams

Maps for the Modern World

Aphrodite Made Me Do It