This is not a poem about


but I save my mind

for beginnings

Forgetting fear

is like a hobby

walking with me

screaming at you

Howling condemnation

without knowing me

I am calm

You are a bomb

Sanctity is propelling us

But there is not glue

holding us


I only stay here

Because of fear

That god in the rear

will not disappear

I take my structure

into languishing parties…

Telling them I need:


I need synchronized wins

I cannot handle

the dark cloud

eating me

they can serve

their lust

on trays

to us

Because psych ward food is good

their book shelves

are nearly virgin

their workers are honest

Security comes and goes

you can be assaulted anywhere

but take your mind

into your heart

and do not share it


If we focus too much

It is perseverating

But trust is limited

You cannot be sure

what you feel


There is honestly just too much blood

My family

is not structured well

So I do not trust the gifts

from my mother

Forcefields laugh at me

I tell them

Try it without

anything at all

I do not trust anyone

except for the air

the greenery

the writings…

Even the trees feel

Even the people–

can stand idle

So I am here:

To do good by each

I motivate

Unlike others

From fumes

but across the sky

I will ply my powers

Across truth hood

without needing

Anything at all

Fear will kill so much

But I’ve seen more

than has been welcomed

And I absolutely just bury it.

I do want to have

featured works


But the dark cloud makes itself known

there is progress

in this ingress

of entering wild messes

exhuming torment

They did not know

That I am the subject,

of an experiment,

so anyway:

It is all okay

I pledge to recognize and understand

and react


any feelings that are bad

Sacrifice is without

or within

but never


And I know,

to never ever,

give up.

Forgive me.