Zoo (airport version)

Zoos in airports are a good idea. These rest places will act to better-preserve the human duty of complying with the existence of species – alternate and our own. There is a morality ingrained in the mind that watches animals in their environment; it is a benefit to everyone: far beyond its mundane cost. Airports would be safer if koala bears and jellyfish were housed within. There would be less deforestation with such sentimental leverage. A person will enjoy taking off and landing in airports with zoos. The youth would notice and remember…

And it is important that people understand where they come from. Like humans know their mother and father, they should know that their books are made from paper and their vegetables are plants. They should know that oceans exist and are formed of water… They should know that they themselves are made from mostly water. They should know that without forests, humanity would quickly die. Every human should understand the word “ecosystem.”

Every human should know that when the penguins die, when the elephants die and the mammals dwindle, humans die swiftly. Everyone should know that finding solutions to these awful issues grants you basic immortality: names in textbooks.

Visits to the zoo show us myriad species and methods of adaptation. Zoos are areas where people are affected. They look at the animals that we hurt, and become more tolerant and appreciative of nature. Zoos are critical to all animals including humans. The mind that appreciates animals is the mind that fights for reduction in CO2 emissions and against deforestation.

It is true that initial costs would need to be covered by entities or taxation. Countries like Norway and Sweden would be the first to adopt this system. Animal habitat expenses to individual airports would often be countered by increased traffic. In turn this would be good for aviation infrastructure, there would be more airports, and this would lead to further development of sky-faring crafts: jet-plane progress, then leading to a quiet sky automobile. The situation is also excitatory or compounding: more zoos, more traffic, more airports, more zoos.