Michael Herschman


Science Feels / Snow Fuel is an illustrated book of roughly 200 poems, organized by expression. It is a book of lustful patterns. While not for the faint of heart: when read whole and in order, its meaning gathers inside you as a medicine.

In a niche of psychiatry, technology, morality, and even love–with their pride and relations–lives Science Feels. Poetry here works to defend, expand, and transcend basic lucid reality. Elements of moral technologies paint spirited and wise assertions. The objective of Science Feels is to provide you with a presentation of word that drives you toward more passionate outlooks. The book’s graphics are improving.

Aviation MEMO: A MagniX Electric Motor Odyssey is a beautiful book of 124 poems written as propulsion to propulsion. The book blends bright form with technical and logical momentums. It is intended to motivate progress of electric aviation.

Darkloud is a book of pride and gravity. It contains a lot of poems which will gradually be edited further and further, toward passion and integrity.

April Lusting is a brief and complete new work of poetry, about poetry.


Shrocean is a novel of climate fiction. It is a heavily fictionalized autobiography with strong elements of psychiatry and engineering.


A sampling of new and favorite works, including an entry into a contest, a published essay, work from classes or from a workshop, the contents of a short book, and work from Science Feels and Darkloud. A touching and emotive exhibition of stories and poetry. (Sensitive brilliant works are omitted.) Newer work is on Instagram.

SCIENCE FEELS ($4/9.92) COLOR ($31.20)

A collection of 201 poems chosen from 450, then illustrated.

Aviation MEMO ($13.37)

A book of propulsion. A technical movement primer focused on bringing heart and emotive beauty to motor design.

DARKLOUD ($6.99/17)

Darkloud is a collection of 590 poems. They are ordered randomly and will be edited for happiness, value, and integrity.


An offering to Andrews McMeel composed of poetry relating to publishing with them, and relating to ocean life. Written and crafted during Poetry Month.


A collection of behavioral and scientific lusts are created onto Instagram, raw. Please follow me 😀

Whaleshift is assumed on the anticipation that the world of things to be invented is of massiveness similar to the ocean. Things needing to be tackled are both the fear of fear, and the independent traumas. These react like the entities of Moby Dick and the Ludovician. There is always more to read.